Trans Tasman Competitions


Australia/NZ Challenge

The Challenge consists of an Individual Challenge, based on the Oceania Long Distance, Middle Distance and Sprint Distance Championships, and a Relay Challenge, based on the Oceania Relay Championships.  Each nation’s team is nominated in advance and consists of three competitors in each Challenge age class. The same three runners will compete in each individual challenge and the relay challenge. For 2015, the Classes for the AUS-NZ Challenge are: M/W16, M/W18, M/W20, M/W21E, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55, M/W60 and M/W65.

In each Challenge class, for each nation the times of the two fastest team members are added to give the team time. The nation with the lower team time is the winner of the class. The nation with the most class wins is the winner of the Individual Challenge. For each relay Challenge class, the winning nation is the nation whose Challenge team is the faster and the nation with the most class wins is the winner of the Relay.

The following major trophies will be presented: Individual Challenge: Challenge Cup and Relay Challenge: Brown Memorial Trophy

Australia/NZ Elite Test Match

Elite test matches are conducted in M21E and W21E classes only. For 2015 points will be awarded for the first four members of the World Cup teams crossing the finish line in the Short, Middle and Long races and the first three teams in the relay.

Australia/NZ Schools Test Match

This competition will be contested over two days. Teams of four athletes from Australia and New Zealand will compete in four categories: Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Senior Girls and Senior Boys. A relay will be held on Wednesday 7 January at Kelvedon followed by the individual competition at Coles Bay on Thursday 8 January.

This is a point based competition where each nation receives one point for each class they win in each competition. The overall winning nation is the nation that achieves the greatest number of points accumulated across the individual and relay races.

Pan Pacific Challenge

The Pan Pacific (Sub) Junior Orienteering Challenge will create a friendly collaborative junior competition that facilitates networking of juniors at the 2015 Oceania Championship Carnival.

The Challenge includes all boy and girl entrants of the Carnival in the 14 years and under A and B categories (excludes shadowed novice competitors).  And team based awards will be made via an organised team based scoring system.

The Challenge will run over the 5 days of the Carnival: Oceania Sprint Distance, Oceania Middle Distance, Oceania Carnival Public Race 3, Oceania Carnival Public Race 4 and the Oceania Long Distance race.