Technical Information

Chest Numbers

All competitors must wear the allocated chest number which will be issued at registration. It will have your competition number, your name and your SI card number on it. For the relay event, different numbers will be provided. If you lose your chest number, go to the event centre for a replacement.

Clothing Return

It is not anticipated that there will be a clothing return on any day unless there are severe weather conditions.

Competition Rules

The competitions of the Oceania and World Cup Carnival will be governed by the appropriate set of rules for foot orienteering. Oceania competitions will be governed by the 2014 IOF and Oceania Rules; Public Races will be governed by Orienteering Australia Rules; Schools Test Match competitions will be governed by Rules For Schools Test Matches (OA 2008).

Complaints and Protests

Anyone wishing to lodge a Complaint should go to the Event Control Tent, no later than 15 minutes after course closure time. The complaint will be recorded and passed on to the appropriate official. Any protest about the outcome of the complaint should be lodged at the Event Centre Tent, in writing and preferably on a form provided by the Event Centre officials, as soon as possible after the outcome of the complaint is known. Event Centre officials will contact the appropriate officials to deal with the protest.

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions will be printed on the front of the map. For individual events loose copies will be provided during the start procedure. Easy and very easy courses will have descriptions in English only and moderate courses will have English and IOF symbols. All hard courses will have IOF symbols only.

Downloading Results

All competitors must report to the finish, including any competitors who do not complete their course. After finishing proceed to the download tent and follow instructions.

Electronic Punching

The SportIdent electronic punching system will be used and all versions of SI cards are accepted. It is the competitor’s responsibility to clear and check their SI card before each race. Clear and check units will be at the start. If the SI unit at a control fails to respond, record your visit by punching in the reserve boxes on the map using the pin punch on the control stand.

Fair Play

Maps will not be collected at the end of your competition. Maps and courses should not be shown to runners that have not started yet. Anyone not respecting this rule will be disqualified. See section 26 of the IOF Competition Rules for Foot Orienteering.

GPS Devices

Competitors are reminded that you may not use or carry telecommunication equipment between entering the pre-start area and reaching the finish of the race. GPS devices with no visible display or audible signal may be carried. Elite classes may not wear GPS enabled devices unless provided by the organisers. Other classes may wear them for route tracking provided their displays are covered with opaque tape.


In the event of a protest, a jury will be selected from a panel of Level 3 controllers.

Late Starts

Competitors who are late for their allocated start must report to the Late Start Official and start when advised to. They will be regarded as having started at their official start time, unless the organisers are at fault. Any decisions relating to this will be made after the competitor finishes. Competitors should proceed to the Event Control Tent for the decision.


All competition maps will be digitally printed on standard paper or offset printed onto 115gsm paper. All maps will be protected against moisture and damage in a plastic bag. Offset printed maps will use regulation IOF colours. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct map.

M/W 10 Novice Event Class

Participants in the M/W10 class may be shadowed but will be unofficial. They will start after the unaccompanied, official participants on that course. Where the person doing the shadowing is also a participant in that event in their own right, they must have completed their own course prior to shadowing. If organisers are not advised that a child will be shadowed, it will be assumed that they are competing officially and thus unaccompanied. Maps will be available for shadowers.

Shadowed children will start in their own time using an SI Start Box. The Start List will identify shadowed children as M/W10 Novice.

O-Lynx Radio Controls

Some controls will be fitted with radio devices. These will not be identified in the control description lists. There may also be repeaters in the terrain. These will not be shown on the map and should not be assumed to indicate proximity to a control.

Out of Bounds

Boundaries of the arena areas will be clearly marked with tapes and/or signage.

Results Display

With the exception of the relay events, results will be displayed on TV screens using the O-Lynx system and will also show split times at radio controls for courses that have those. There will be a backup system using printed A4 sheets if required. Relay results will be displayed on wooden slats.

Live results in the arena can be found on

Start Times

A list of start times will be published mid to late December and will be displayed at the Event Centre and near the start. Copies will also be available at the Event Centre.

Start Procedure for Individual Events

All events will use a one (1) minute start sequence. Clear and Check your SI Card before you enter the start sequence. Enter the pre-start when the Pre-start clock (Clock 1) shows your race time. This is four minutes before your start time.

  • As you enter Box 1 your SI card/name and chest number will be checked.
  • As you enter Box 2 your SI card will be checked using an SI Check unit.
  • As you enter Box 3 you will collect your control descriptions.
  • As you enter Box 4 you will stand behind the appropriate map box. The starter will give any specific instructions.
  • At your race time you may start on the long beep.
Clear & Check Box 1
SI Number/Name &
chest number check
Box 2
SI card checked
in unit
Box 3
Collect control
Box 4
Prepare to start
next to map


There will be drinking water provided on courses in accordance with the rules and at the start and finish on each day.