General Information


A place to camp is being provided by the organisers during the period the Carnival is based on the East Coast. The Camp Manager is Peter Cusick. Peter is a fellow orienteering volunteer, who is also helping out on other tasks at the events, so he will not be available to assist at all times. Peter may be reached on phone 0458 489566 if you require assistance.

Site 1 – Swansea Football Ground, Wellington Street, Swansea.
Camping will be open from 4.00pm on Tuesday 6th January 2015. Peter will be in attendance to assist campers. Sites are unpowered. Vehicles and campervans/caravans will be set up around the outer perimeter of the football ground. Tents will be allowed on the football ground,
but vehicles are prohibited. The football club rooms are available for shelter and power requirements. The “Home” change rooms will be available for women’s toilets and showers. The “Away” change rooms will be used for men’s toilets and showers. These facilities will only be open whilst the ground is used as a camp ground.  The camp ground will close at 10.00am Friday 9th January 2015.

Please note the following information from the adjoining golf club if you feel like a game:

” The golf club has about 12 sets of clubs with buggies that are available for visitors. There is no charge for the use of these clubs, the users only have to pay the $15.00 green fees. There is an honesty box in the undercover area next to the club house The club is open to the public at all times except Saturdays from 11.00am till 3pm and Wednesdays from 10.00am till 2pm. People needing assistance will often find one of the green keepers in attendance.”

Site 2 – St Helens Recreational Ground, Corner of Tully & Young Streets, St Helens
Camping will be open from 2.00pm, Friday 9th January 2015. Peter will be in attendance to assist campers. Sites are unpowered. Campers will have a large area to set up their camps. There is an amenities building that has men’s and women’s toilets and showers, and power is also available. This building will be open for the duration of our stay. The campground will close at 10.00am Monday 12th January.


Catering will be provided at all events. There will be a variety of foods and drinks available including a BBQ selection, salad rolls, tea and coffee, water, cordial and gluten free options.


Dogs are not permitted at any event.

Enter On the Day Courses

Enter on the Day courses will be available on all days except for Sunday 4 (Oceania relays) and Saturday 10 (World Cup Long Distance) for a cost of $20. Courses available are courses 9, 12 and 14. To enter on the day register at the Event Centre tent. The Event Centre officials will allocate a start time and give you a note showing your name, SI number, course and start time. This must be taken to the start and handed to the EOD official.

Event Changes & Cancellations

In the unlikely event of extreme weather conditions disrupting the Carnival program through natural events such as wildfire or flood, the following steps will be put in place:

  1. The Organisers will most likely have at least two days warning, from land managers who control access to areas (e.g. Parks and Wildlife Service, Tasmania Fire Service) that the running of an upcoming event is in jeopardy. They will make public announcements at current events and post an article on the front page of the Oceania2015 website A notice will also be placed on the Carnival Facebook page at Oceania2015OrienteringChampionships.
  2. Every effort will be made to reschedule World Cup races to an alternate day and/or venue. These plans will be discussed with team officials at the scheduled team meetings.
  3. It will not be possible to reschedule any other race (Oceania championships, public races, schools events) so these races will be cancelled. In the event of a race cancellation no refunds will be payable.

First Aid at Events

St Johns Ambulance officers will be attending each event

Local Banking and Currency Exchange

All major towns have 24 hour Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Larger towns also have banks but opening hours during the holiday period can be limited.

Map Availability and Sales

A selection of previous maps, including some areas of St Helens and also Pittwater Dunes in Hobart, will be available for collection from Paddy Pallin, 110 George Street, Launceston, if required for training purposes. As these maps have not been recently updated, they are available free of charge. Up to date training maps will be available for purchase at the Event Centre for a cost of $10 a map. These include, Trevallyn, Windsor Park, Inveresk (all in Launceston), Littlechild Creek/Livelys Bog, Mt Pearson and The Golden Fleece (St Helens).

For map collectors, World Cup maps will be available from the Event Centre afterthe conclusion of the Sprint and the Middle and after the completion of the Oceania Long Distance.

Medical Facilities and Locations (Launceston, Swansea, St Helens)

In any EMERGENCY situation please phone 000 or 112 (mobile phones) to request assistance. This will give you access to medical, police or fire-brigade.

For urgent medical assistance in Launceston please go to Launceston General Hospital (Accident & Emergency) at 274-280 Charles St, Launceston TAS 7250. Phone (03) 6348 7111.

For general issues contact Swansea Medical (GP & Surgery) – Phone (03) 62578205. For urgent issues contact Swansea Accident & Emergency (May Shaw Health Centre) – Phone (03) 62578114. The address of both is 37 Wellington St, Swansea TAS 7190

St Helens
For general issues contact the St Helens Surgery – Phone (03) 63761777 at 11 Pendrigh Pl, St Helens TAS 7216. For urgent issues contact St Helens Hospital (Accident & Emergency) – Phone (03) 6376 5222 at Circassion St, St Helens TAS 7216.

Parents’ Tent

A tent will be available at each event for parents with small children to use. The tent will have some basic toys. There will be no supervision of the tent so parents use the facilities at their own risk.


For specific details regarding parking please check the information for each event, however, the races at Coles Bay and St Helens (Transit Flat) have limited parking. The organisers of these events strongly encourage carpooling where possible.


Photography is only permitted from within the public areas and arena, unless with the express permission of the Controller for the specific day.


Phytophthora cinnamomi (myrtle rust root rot fungus) is now well established in many areas of moorland, heathland and dry eucalypt forest in Tasmania. It is a fungus that attacks the roots of susceptible plants, in many cases killing the plants. In some native plant communities, epidemic disease can develop causing the death of large numbers of plants. It is a severe threat to natural bushland and to many threatened species, in the competition areas. If you live in, or have recently competed in, a myrtle rust affected area on Mainland Australia, please ensure your gear is cleaned thoroughly before using it in Tasmania. To help reduce the spread of this fungus, the Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service have asked us to ensure that competitors have cleaned their shoes, gaiters and clothing (velcro etc) before they come to each event. This is best done by brushing (if dry), or washing out with soapy water (if muddy), as much dirt as possible, and then disinfecting with methylated spirits for 30 seconds.

If you have not cleaned and disinfected your shoes prior to coming to the event, you will be asked to clean your shoes near the pre-start and you will be required to spray the shoes with the disinfectant F10sc and wait for 30 seconds before proceeding into the pre-start.

Rubbish Collection

Only a limited number of bins will be provided for paper cup collection at the finish. We ask that everyone please take their rubbish away with them.

Smoking & Fires

The Carnival takes place during a period often subject to high fire danger. As such, smoking and the lighting of fires is not permitted at any event.

String Course

A string course will be provided at each event where possible. Control cards (and jelly snake prizes upon completion) can be collected from the Event Centre.


Toilets will be provided as close to the Arena as appropriate. One toilet will have a “Volunteer Priority Use” sign on it. Please allow volunteers priority to use this, as required.


Snakes are common in summer in Tasmania. All Tasmanian snakes are venomous but a snake bite is extremely rare. In the unlikely event of a snake bite, please follow the following procedure. Stop and compress the bite area using clothing and raise the affected part of the body (limb). Remain as still as possible. Immediately use your whistle and give 6 short blasts, repeated at 1 minute intervals. Do not attempt to make your way back to safety as movement assists the spread of the venom.

For more information on the management of snakebite you are advised to visit the website of the St John Ambulance and search for the fact sheet on snakebite. (

Ross River fever – Ross River fever is a mosquito born disease that is present on Tasmania’s east coast. Mosquitos are generally active around dusk and near still water. Mosquito repellent is recommended and when not competing it is advisable to wear light-coloured clothing.

Jack Jumpers are a type of ant with a nasty sting. Whilst harmless to most people, competitors with a propensity to allergic reactions are encouraged to bring anti-histamine medication.

Sunburn and Hyperthermia are potential dangers in the Tasmanian summer. You are advised to use a good sunscreen, even in cloudy weather. Temperatures can be high and loss of fluid may lead to hyperthermia. You are advised to make sure you are well hydrated.


Some water will be available at the Arenas for competitors finishing their courses but it would be appreciated if you could bring your own supply for other purposes.

Weather and Climate (Launceston, Swansea, St Helens)

Although January is summer in Tasmania the weather can be very variable. Mean monthly maximum and minimum temperatures (in °C) and rainfall (in mm) for January are:
Launceston 24.3°/12.3° 45mm
Coles Bay 23°/13.2° 57.1mm
St Helens 22.9°/11.9° 55.9mm