Oceania Results

| December 22, 2014

Oceania and World Cup individual race results can be found in the following table. Links to relay results are not in this table but can be found below.  Splits information has also been published to WinSplits Online with links below. Links to WinSplits results for the World Cup races can be found on the  World Cup Live page.

Australia/NZ Challenge

Final points for the individual were 37 points to Australia and 23 points to New Zealand. For the relay each country scored 10 points.

Total points:

Australia: 47

New Zealand: 33

Australia/NZ Elite Test Match

Total points:

Australia: 216

New Zealand: 206

Oceania Multiday Competition

Link to non elite results can be found HERE

Elite results – EliteAllEvents

Pan Pacific Challenge

Final points scores:

Fury (Tasmania) 454.1

Titan (Victoria) 453.5

Minion (ACT, QLD, SA, WA) 452.3

Blackjack (New Zealand, New Caledonia) 449.3

Ossa (NSW) 447.7

Relay Results

Sunday January 4th 2015 – Oceania Relay Championships

Wednesday January 7th 2015  – Australia/New Zealand Schools Test Match Relay


Saturday January 3 – Oceania Sprint Distance Championships (Oceania Carnival Race – O1)

Tuesday January 6 – Oceania Middle Distance Championships (non elites) (Oceania Carnival Race – O2)

Wednesday January 7th 2015 – Public Race (Oceania Carnival Race – O3)

Thursday January 8th 2015 – Oceania Middle Distance Championships (Elite classes only)

Thursday January 8th 2015 – Australia/NZ Schools Test Match (Individual)

Thursday January 8th 2015 – Public Race (Oceania Carnival Race – O4)

Saturday January 10th 2015  – Oceania Long Distance Championships (Elite classes only)

Sunday January 11th 2015 – Oceania Long Distance Championships (except for Elite classes) (Oceania Carnival Race – O5)

Hobart Shorts

The Hobart Shorts have been completed.  Results are available from the Orienteering Tasmania 2015 Results Page


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