With reference to the following rules from the IOF Competition Rules article 26, the areas listed below are embargoed for all orienteers eligible for Oceania and World Cup competitions in January 2015.

26.4 All officials shall maintain strict secrecy about the competition area and terrain before they are published. Strict secrecy about the courses must be maintained.

26.5 Any attempt to survey or train in the competition terrain is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by the organiser. Attempts to gain any information related to the courses, beyond that provided by the organiser, is forbidden before and during the competition.

26.6 The organiser shall bar from the competition any competitor who is so well acquainted with the terrain or the map, that the competitor would have a substantial advantage over other competitors.

This means that:

No organised orienteering whatsoever may take place in the embargoed areas until after the Oceania and World Cup races in 2015,

No training sessions, i.e. running/races, testing route choices etc,. are allowed in these areas.

No one with potential connection to a national team member or Oceania participant may visit the embargoed areas with the exception of passage on public roads.

Embargoed Areas

The following areas are subject to an embargo from July 2013 until the date of competition in 2015.

IOF World Cup Sprint Prologue

The First Basin and surrounding grounds, Launceston.

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IOF World Cup Event 1 – Sprint and Oceania Sprint Distance Championships (Oceania Carnival Race 1)

The University of Tasmania, Newnham Campus including the Australian Maritime College, Launceston.

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Oceania Relay Championships

The area known as Diddleum Plains including the mapped area and areas to the west and south of the existing map.

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Oceania Middle Distance Championships (Oceania Carnival Public Race 2)

Castle Cary Reserve, Avoca.

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AUS/NZL Schools Match Relay and Oceania Carnival Public Race 3

Spikey Bridge Reserve and Kelvedon Farm, Swansea.

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IOF World Cup Event 2 – Middle Distance, AUS/NZL Schools Match Individual and Oceania Carnival Public Race 4

The area north of the Coles Bay township to the southern end of Friendly Beaches.

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IOF World Cup Event 3 – Long Distance and Oceania Long Distance Championships (Oceania Carnival Public Race 5)

The area formerly mapped as Constable Creek, St Helens and the area west to Hogans Rd and south to Carters Track.

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IOF World Cup Event 3 – Long Distance Reserve Area

The area covered by the map known as ‘Sandstone Valleys’ near Melton Mowbray is out of bounds to all World Cup competitors from now until the 11th January 2015.

The area is being held in reserve for the World Cup Long Distance Race in case the Transit Flat map is unable to be used due to circumstances out of control of the organisers (eg. an active bush-fire makes it too dangerous to enter).’